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  1. Syracuse University Wagtail Migration

    A complete migration to Wagtail CMS from WordPress.

    A screenshot of the homepage.
  2. Syracuse University Calendar

    The events calendar for Syracuse University.

    A screenshot of the events page.
  3. Syracuse University

    The main marketing website for Syracuse University.

    A screenshot of the homepage.
  4. Syracuse University Cobalt Theme

    A custom WordPress theme that is used by numerous groups accross campus.

    A screenshot of the homepage.
  5. Tasquatch - Project Management Software

    Project management software I built with a small team of 4 developers.

    The tasquatch list view.
  6. Fedex Quiz

    This is a timed quiz for fedex that asked the user a set of questions tracking the users score as they progress.

    A screenshot of the score page.
  7. Landmark Theatre

    A much Improved and responsive website for the Landmark Theatre.

    A screenshot of the home page.
  8. Westcott Neighborhood Website

    A full featured website with events and tours. Tons of information about the Westcott Neighborhood.

    A screenshot with events and a picture of houses.
  9. Empire Brewfest

    A festival site that I wrote a custom CMS for with PHP and MYSQL.

    A merchandise page.